X-PAS™ Smart Behaviours is a new predictive analysis service which aims to reduce incidents and improve the safety and predictability of offshore operations.

Designed by leading psychologists and data scientists, the service offers an innovative new way to identify, measure and proactively manage the risks posed by human behaviours.

A diagnostic tool provides key insights into the levels of behavioural risk of personnel; revealing an organisation's unique 'behavioural DNA'. This new level of insight is combined with deep analysis of HSE and asset data to provide a clear picture of the critical factors driving behavioural risk across an organisation.


  • Identify and quantify the levels of behavioural risk across offshore assets and work teams

  • Establish a clear understanding of the critical factors influencing behavioural risk

  • Increase capability to anticipate, predict and proactively manage the risks posed by human behaviours

  • Know what remedial actions and interventions to focus on

XPAS Smart Behaviours

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