OPEX Group helps oil and gas operating companies to reduce lifting costs using a powerful combination of predictive technologies, applied data science and multi-discipline oil and gas expertise.

X-PAS™, our Predictive Analysis Service, provides data-driven insights which enable our customers to eliminate production losses and cut maintenance costs.

latest case studies:

Without the need for any capital expenditure, hardware or software implementation, the X-PAS™ service accurately predicts the future performance and behaviour of production critical systems. We enable our customers to transform their operating model; remove business uncertainty; take the right interventions at the right time to avoid production losses; make savings on maintenance expenditure; and extend the lifespan of their assets.

As an industry first and in recognition of our growing track record, the X-PAS™ service recently won the Oil & Gas UK award for Business Innovation. Together with our customers we are establishing the industry standard for digitally-enabled operations and maintenance.

This is a perfect example of innovation in industry which promotes smarter and more effective ways of working.
— Oil & Gas UK ETF Chairman