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Reduce your operational emissions today.

visualise live emissions and associated costs
dynamically calculate the lowest achievable emissions at any time
highlight excess emissions and pinpoint the causes

Supporting the energy transition and the oil and gas industry's drive to net zero.

The UKCS oil and gas industry has set ambitious targets to halve operational emissions in the next decade and become a net zero basin by 2050. At OPEX we are driven to make a difference by helping our customers to minimise environmental impact through the use of data and predictive technology.

The X-PAS™ platform can be tailored to provide customers with a holistic solution for operational emissions management for both on or offshore assets, with flexible delivery options ranging from software to a service solution.

Dynamically calculate the lowest achievable emissions at any time.

X-PAS™ harnesses the power of physics-guided machine learning and optimisation technologies to dynamically calculate the lowest achievable emissions from an oil and gas asset at any time – based on current plant configuration, operating mode and production targets. Excess emissions and their causes are highlighted via the intuitive user interface in near real-time and necessary operational changes are identified.

Simple business information dashboards that calculate emissions from facilities cannot on their own drive the necessary actions to reduce the operational impact on the environment. X-PAS™ combines multiple technologies to dynamically adapt to changes in fluid rates, properties, degradation, mode of operation and emerging constraints, highlighting opportunities to remove excess emissions, energy leakage and optimise the production process.

Users can make better informed decisions about the day-to-day operational actions they can take to minimise environmental impact, as well as highlighting longer term material improvement opportunities.

The X-PAS™ platform can be fully customised and live on an asset within 4-8 weeks and customers can realise immediate cost savings through a reduction in EU ETS costs and fuel gas losses, with no CAPEX requirements.


Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy consumption and optimise energy efficiency, start-up sequencing and production process systems.



Reduce excess Category 1 flaring and minimise Category 2 and 3 events.


Venting & Methane

Quantify, understand and reduce sources of methane from venting.


Oil in Water

Manage and reduce the levels of oil in water.


Operational Stability

See separate modules available for operational stability.

< The X-PAS™ Modules for Emissions Reduction.

The X-PAS™ platform has a number of pre-built, plug-in modules and tools to help our customers reduce their operational emissions - delivering economic, environmental and societal benefits as well as revealing opportunities for higher and more stable production.

These AI-driven modules draw upon lateral learning from multiple assets and operators and provide a rapid, proven and low risk solution. Any combination of these pre-built modules can be selected as part of your solution and can be customised to each specific asset.

Whether you want to optimise energy efficiency, reduce flaring, manage oil in water or improve operational stability, we have a modular solution that can help you translate your data into meaningful information, quickly and accurately.

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