What is X-PAS™?

X-PAS™ is a cloud-based software platform that helps oil and gas asset teams to make better use of their data, so they can make more informed decisions and achieve cleaner, more efficient and lower cost operations.

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Designed by oil and gas professionals, built by data scientists.

The X-PAS™ platform was designed by experts with a deep understanding of the complexities of oil and gas operations and built by data scientists and software engineers using a range of machine learning, optimisation and predictive technologies.

The platform provides access to a wide range of pre-built configurable modules and tools that have been built specifically for the oil and gas industry. These AI-driven modules draw upon lateral learning from multiple assets and operators and provide a rapid, proven and low risk solution to enable teams to access the insights they need to maximise production whilst minimising emissions.

X-PAS™ is incredibly flexible and is built from the ground up to meet each of our customer’s exact requirements. The platform can be customised with modules that focus on operational stability, emissions reduction, or both, revealing the answers to their most important questions, everyday, such as:

  • What is the lowest achievable emissions from our operations today, and what actions can I take now to reduce emissions?
  • What are the emerging threats to plant stability, and how can we avoid disruption to planned work?
  • Why is my routine flaring higher than expected and what action can I take?
  • How do we achieve better best days and best days more often?
  • What are the actions I can take to improve start-ups?

A proven solution with a 5-year track record.

X-PAS™ is in daily use across multiple oil and gas assets. With a 5-year track record, it’s tried and tested, and we believe it is the most comprehensive solution available to meet the specific operational needs of oil and gas operators.

Since its launch in 2015 we have continued to innovate and develop the platform to ensure it meets the evolving needs of our customers. Along the way we have picked up a prestigious innovation award from Oil & Gas UK and were shortlisted as global finalists by the Energy Institute and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

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