Danny Farquhar, VP Data Science, OPEX Group

Our in-house domain expertise is made up of talented people with a diverse range of skills.

Many of our team joined us from our target industries, enabling us to quickly relate to customer issues, technically complex facilities, systems and equipment.

Over the years, in addition to our technical domain expertise, our sweet spot has emerged as being able to apply practical, purpose driven, AI solutions which deliver against our customers’ most pressing business needs daily.

Our track record is proven in upstream and continues to be built upon with solutions that are directly applicable to complex industrial assets, operations and processes.

Inspired by our customers successes and by working closely with them, we have been able to perfect our technology and its end use application, enabling our purpose-built solutions to deliver desired outcomes for our customers.

We take pride in delivering sophisticated but practical solutions, with a range of optional services for our target industries.

Our evolution.

OPEX has continued to evolve from a predictive maintenance services firm to a leading provider of AI solutions.

Our heritage

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