Software Tools and Add-Ons

In addition to our core digital solutions we also offer a range of software tools that are available as add-ons or can be deployed as a standalone tool.

OPEX Software Tools and Add ons


Proactively identify fault conditions such as loose connections, malfunctions and failures associated with all trip instruments using AI to minimise false positives

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Automatically monitor the health of mechanical seals, tracking the leakage rates and key metrics such as running hours, number of starts, stops and trips

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Automatically track start and stop events on equipment packages, enabling asset teams to understand repeat bad actors and focus maintenance activities

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Track and categorise turbine operation and performance, with an array of metrics to assist the understanding of equipment health

X-Heat Exchangers

Track and monitor heat exchanger performance whilst factoring in the effect of varying process conditions


Track process conditions, levels and rate of change within vessels to identify issues with control and operation


Facilitate deep understanding and optimisation of equipment and systems start-up by tracking, identifying, and categorising operating modes

X-Pump Performance

Automatically track the performance of pumps over time and forecast performance using a variety of calculated metrics

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X-Compressor Performance

Automatically track the performance of compressors over time using a variety of calculated metrics and forecast performance degradation

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Digital solutions for carbon intensive industries.

We have over 7 years of field experience in applying digital solutions to complex challenges for customers in carbon intensive industries.

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