With renewed focus on financial returns and sustainability, the reliability of operated assets remains one of the highest priorities for companies globally.

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Maximise the reliability of your assets and prevent downtime

X-PAS is a digital solution for complex assets to predict threats, prevent system trips and reduce maintenance costs.

X-PAS will help your asset teams to:

Identify hidden opportunities with emissions.AI


Predict and contextualise threats, detect emerging anomalies and anticipate previously unseen failures



Prevent unplanned events, system trips and reactive maintenance, and make faster, better informed decisions and actions

X PAS Benefits


Reduce downtime, losses and maintenance costs and realise value quickly using pre-built modules with codified domain expertise

Automate Data Analysis with emissions.AI

Holistic Surveillance​​

Boost situational awareness of asset operations and system health with holistic surveillance in a single workflow


Supercharge Productivity​​

Focus resources on what matters, save time and supercharge team productivity with automated analysis and detection capabilities

Share emissions data with emissions.AI

Precision without Burden​​

Avoid the costly burden of AI model creation and management with inbuilt setup, configuration, maintenance and assured precision

Gas Compression

Cover the full compression process envelope including separators, vessels, dehydration, anti-surge, dry gas seal systems, and auxiliaries. Applicable for all configurations: single & multiple stage compressors and motor or GT-drives

Power Generation​

Cover the complete power generation package (regardless of OEM ) including gas generator, power turbine, WHRU, fuel systems and auxiliaries, whether on or offline

Oil ​System​

Cover the entire oil process system from wellhead via separators and vessels to booster and export pumps (including mechanical seals) and through to metering​

Water ​Injection​

Cover water injection processes, supporting systems and components, including pumps, filtration packages, mechanical seals and seal fluid consumption

Produced ​Water​

Cover produced water process systems including well choke-positions, separators, vessels, hydrocyclones and monitoring of mechanical components including pumps​​


Extend coverage to include utilities such as air compression, heating and cooling systems, HVAC and other auxiliaries critical to the overall functioning of the asset​

Digital solutions for carbon intensive industries.

We have over 10 years of field experience in applying digital solutions to complex challenges for customers in carbon intensive industries.

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