OPEX Group supports Atlantic Adventure

In 2018 we helped two young brothers from Aberdeenshire to undertake an amazing Adventure. They wanted to attempt to sail a Playmobil pirate ship across the Atlantic!

The ship, named Adventure, had previously made a journey from Scotland to Scandinavia and the boys needed help to install a GPS tracker on the boat. We provided the tracker and also built them a website so they could share their story and the little boat’s transatlantic progress.

Adventure made it all the way to Barbados (>3,700miles) before being lost at sea. The story received worldwide media attention and the boys made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the ‘most travelled toy ship’.

Now, with the help of a family in Trinidad and the Coast Foundation a replacement boat has been built and Adventure 2 is in the water and ready to complete the journey. It has travelled 500 nautical miles already, dodged between Trinidad and Tobago and even sailed past an earthquake. It’s now in the open waters of the Caribbean.

You can find out more about the Adventure and track the boat live by visiting www.track-adventure.squarespace.com

A record breaking adventure