OPEX’s Predictive Analysis Service (X-PAS™) has been deployed on another business-critical system in the UKCS. Working closely with our client’s onshore and offshore teams, the X-PAS™ service has been implemented on the full gas compression train for another major UKCS operating company.

Danny Farquhar, X-PAS™ Manager explains more about the process; “By making use of our client’s existing operational data, we have built a series of mathematical and statistical models using a variety of techniques. The system boundary encompasses 250 tags and millions of data points will be analysed within the OPEX Support Centre for correlation with the developed models. 

"The X-PAS™ process allows us to identify any deviations from normal behaviours allowing us to expose emergent plant vulnerabilities which may not be apparent through any other type of conventional monitoring. These insights are shared with our client enabling them to make timely interventions to prevent trips, equipment damage and unplanned downtime.”

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