OPEX’s X-PAS™ predictive analysis service was applied to the gas compression train on a customer’s North-Sea asset. During daily analysis our data scientists identified the loss of a safety barrier which would otherwise have gone unnoticed.


During daily analysis of our customer’s operational data, a potential process safety issue was identified that conventional analysis techniques had not picked up.

OPEX’s predictive models revealed that the process shutdown transmitter (high pressure) was drifting low.

Whilst conventional analysis techniques indicated that the individual trended values were plausible and did not give rise to concern, the X-PAS™ team identified the issue through a breakdown in previously correlated system relationships.

Process safety function was compromised (swiss cheese) with reliance on Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) x 2 for high pressure trip.

The event was compounded as it occurred at a time when 1 PSV was out of service due to maintenance.


Given the extent of the vulnerability, a planned shutdown of the gas compression system was undertaken, ensuring a potential unplanned event was taken to a planned event.


Had the intervention not taken place, there would have been an increased residual risk of a catastrophic failure of the gas compression system resulting in significant equipment damage and potential hydrocarbon release.

This intervention demonstrated collaborative working with our customer at its best and is a typical example of the type of insights that we provide on a regular basis.

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