X-PAS™ Smart Production is a predictive analysis service that eliminates production losses by accurately predicting threats within critical oil and gas systems before they occur.

Our team of data scientists and oil and gas professionals provide our customers with the insights they need to take the right actions and interventions at the right time to avoid system trips, equipment damage and process safety issues.

XPAS Smart Production
Nexen engaged OPEX Group to apply a predictive analysis service to detect warning signs and identify emergent system failures, prior to the event occurring.
— Nexen, Oil & Gas UK Efficiency Portal


Conventional approaches such as real time monitoring and packaged analytics have helped to improve the reliability of offshore equipment, but now, with the emergence of data science, machine learning and predictive technologies we can offer a genuine step change in operational performance.

The X-PAS™ Smart Production service makes use of all the data available within a critical system. We don’t just look at equipment data, we also analyse data from the process and how the system is being operated, providing a unique view of how the complete system is behaving.  Why is this important?  In our experience, more than 80% of the pre-cursors to emerging issues can be detected from within the process before any symptoms of equipment degradation are detectable.


With X-PAS™ Smart Production you can respond to issues before they become problems. Rather than monitoring individual tags and generating alarms based on pre-set rules and assumptions, the X-PAS™ team use advanced data science techniques to analyse and understand the many thousands of correlated data relationships that exist within a system. 

It’s the breakdown of any one of these relationships that can provide the earliest possible warning of emerging threats and vulnerabilities far in advance of conventional real-time systems.

Data driven insights are intelligently filtered, put into context with what else is happening within the entire operation and prioritised by our multi-discipline oil and gas experts.  This ensures our customers only receive recommendations and information that are directly relevant.
— Chris Ayres, COO, OPEX Group

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