X-PAS™ Smart Production is a predictive analysis service that helps operating companies to solve recurring problems, predict threats and identify performance improvements within critical oil and gas systems.

We provide our customers with the insights they need to improve operational predictability, enhance the performance of their systems and reduce downtime, losses and costs.

X-PAS Common Areas Addressed

The X-PAS™ Smart Production service can be applied across an installation from single to multiple production critical systems, such as gas compression, power generation, water injection, produced water, oil train/export and utility systems.


Traditional methods for utilising data focus on identifying the symptoms of equipment degradation and use only a fraction of the available data. It’s often too late to take action before losses are incurred, leading to a reactive regime with high unplanned costs. More recent AI software-based methods can result in labour intensive ‘alarm overload’ with little contextualisation of the issues.

The X-PAS™ Smart Production service is different from these methods:

  • A SERVICE; NOT SOFTWARE. We understand that digital technology alone is not enough to ensure results, so the X-PAS™ service brings together the latest predictive technologies with ‘human’ experts who are skilled at interpreting, filtering and contextualising the information that is often hidden in your data.

  • SYSTEM-WIDE; NOT JUST EQUIPMENT. We also recognise that more that 80% of the pre-cursors to system failures originate in normal operations within the process rather than in equipment. Unlike many other traditional monitoring techniques, the application of the X-PAS™ service crucially covers the entire production system, including all ancillaries, equipment and the process.

  • IT’S ALL ABOUT (DATA) RELATIONSHIPS. Our data scientists are continuously analysing millions of data points and statistically significant data relationships on our customers' behalf. It's the breakdown of any one of these relationships that provides the earliest possible warning of any threats within the system that could lead to unplanned downtime or equipment damage.

  • FILTERED INSIGHTS; NOT ALERTS OR ALARMS. We don't bombard our customers with alerts. On average they receive 1 or 2 filtered and contextualised insights from us per week, together with recommendations on the action to take. Based on the interventions taken, across our customer base last year, the average value per intervention was £297,000 (through either safeguarded production, performance improvement or maintenance savings).

XPAS Smart Production

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