X-PAS™ is a predictive analysis service, specifically tailored to the oil and gas industry to help operating companies extract maximum value from their data.


X-PAS™ is a service, not software. Our expert team of data scientists, data analysts and oil and gas engineers work in close collaboration with our customers as a remote extension of their team, providing data-driven insights that help them to solve complex problems, improve production efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and mitigate risk.

The XPAS Service

The X-PAS™ service has three distinct applications to address key challenges facing the oil and gas industry:

Improve the performance of production critical systems - predict threats and vulnerabilities, reduce trips and tackle problem areas.


An extension to the X-PAS™ Smart Production service which leverages data science to address specific maintenance challenges and performance opportunities.


Improve offshore safety and reduce incidents by identifying, measuring and proactively managing the risks posed by human behaviours.

If you would like to discuss how the range of X-PAS™ services could deliver transformational change to your operations please CONTACT US.

This is a perfect example of innovation in industry which promotes smarter and more effective ways of working.
— Oil & Gas UK ETF Chairman