X PAS Operations

Maximise the value of your data.

predict emerging threats and get ahead of issues
avoid disruption, system trips and production losses
optimise system performance and improve efficiency

Data in the right hands can predict and shape the future.

The X-PAS™ platform can be tailored to focus on operational stability, enabling asset teams to translate their data into meaningful insights which help to improve the stability of systems and reduce downtime.

X-PAS™ is embedded with a range of analytical tools which allow users to predict emerging threats to stable operations and take action to avoid process upsets, production losses and system trips. By anticipating and getting ahead of issues, reactive maintenance and repair costs can be reduced.


Gas Compression

Avoid failures and optimise gas compression.


Power Generation

Improve reliability and optimise power generation.


Oil Train

Get ahead of emerging issues and optimise the oil train.


Water Injection

Anticipate trips and improve the performance of the water injection system.


Produced Water

Maximise reliability and efficiency of the produced water system.



Balance plant for maximum production with lowest emissions.

< The X-PAS™ Modules for Operational Stability.

The X-PAS™ platform has a number of pre-built, plug-in modules and tools to help our customers maintain and improve operational stability - delivering more reliable and assured operations.

These AI-driven modules draw upon lateral learning from multiple assets and operators and provide a rapid, proven and low risk solution. Any combination of these pre-built modules can be selected as part of your solution and can be customised to each specific asset.

Whether you want to improve the reliability of your gas compressor, identify emerging threats on water injection or optimise power generation we have a modular solution that can help you translate your data into meaningful information, quickly and accurately.

All modules, predictive technologies and models are kept up to date, controlled, tested and underwritten by OPEX. A selection of AI-driven software tools can be enabled within the X-PAS™ platform or provided on a standalone basis.

Key features

  • Receive contextualised insights across an asset from time series visualisations
  • Analyse asset production facilities holistically through one surveillance work flow
  • Generate insights across systems, processes, equipment, ancillaries and interconnected systems
  • Get ahead of issues, avoid disruption and unplanned activities
  • Realise costs savings on legacy monitoring services and systems

One of OPEX’s differentiators is a result of 5 years' experience in applying predictive technology to dozens of assets across the oil and gas industry. This vast domain experience and lateral cross-asset learning has been embedded in our industry leading X-PAS™ platform enabling faster deployment and assured outputs.

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