Why is X-PAS™ different?

The X-PAS™ platform has been built to overcome the complexities of oil and gas operations. It's tried and tested, and we believe it is the most comprehensive and unique solution available to meet the specific operational needs of oil and gas operators.

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Built specifically for oil and gas operations.

The X-PAS™ platform is a comprehensive and unique solution designed specifically to meet the operational needs of oil and gas operators. Where many generic AI solutions have struggled to overcome the nuances and complexities of oil and gas operations, the X-PAS™ platform has been proven across a number of assets and customers. The platform has been designed and built by professionals with a deep understanding of oil and gas operations and we have embedded more than 5 years of continuous lateral learning into the solution.

X-PAS™ makes better use of your data.

Our extensive in-field experience supports the view that the true value of applying predictive tech to on and offshore assets cannot be achieved by solely equipment or component monitoring. X-PAS™ provides a comprehensive understanding of all the interactions within a system, including the equipment, process fluids, ancillaries and other interconnected systems. This ensures that emerging issues are identified at the earliest possible opportunity.

X-PAS™ also goes beyond basic business information dashboards. The in-built tools and functionality span descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics ensuring users understand not only what is happening, but also what is likely to happen, and crucially what they can do about it.

Flexible solutions to meet our customers exact requirements.

The X-PAS™ platform is incredibly flexible and is built from the ground up to meet each of our customer’s exact requirements. Through a range of pre-built configurable modules and tools, X-PAS™ can be customised for each operator or asset to target holistic or specific challenges in the areas of operational stability and emissions reduction.

Whether you want to optimise energy efficiency and flaring, improve operational stability or increase your teams productivity, we have a modular solution that can help you translate your data into meaningful information, quickly and accurately. And if we don’t already have a pre-built framework in place, we have the in-house skills to create a bespoke solution for your organisation.

Accuracy underwritten by OPEX.

The quality of the decisions your asset teams make will be based on the quality and timing of the information they receive. The predictive models that power each of our customers’ X-PAS™ platforms are built, rigorously tested and kept up-to-date by our experienced data scientists. The quality, accuracy and robustness of each and every model is underwritten by OPEX. This ensures our customers avoid the pitfalls of generic self-service analytics, and the heavy burden of building and maintaining models with no assurance of quality.

X-PAS™ is a software or service solution.

The X-PAS™ platform is available as a cloud-based software solution for our customers to use themselves or as a service solution with OPEX’s data analysts supporting your asset teams. Whether you use X-PAS™ as software or a service, it has been designed to free up your teams’ time so they can focus on what matters – rather than spending hours crunching data.

Scalable to enterprise-wide.

X-PAS™ is easily scalable. It can be deployed on a single critical system, or applied enterprise-wide across multiple assets to cover a company’s entire operations workflow.

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