X-PAS™ Benefits

Our cloud-based X-PAS™ platform supercharges our customers’ teams with access to extensive data analysis capabilities so they can learn and understand even more about their assets. The insights revealed are used as part of their daily workflow to guide and better inform operational decisions and actions.

Data analysis

X-PAS™ helps asset teams make better use of their data so they can:

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Maintain and improve
operational stability.
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Drive down
carbon emissions.
Achieving compliance

Better use of data = better decisions = better business outcomes.

The X-PAS™ platform has been built to address the dual challenge facing oil and gas operating companies - to maximise production whilst minimising emissions.

X-PAS™ operates to the highest industry standards, saving asset teams' time and increasing productivity. The in-built solutions underpin our customers daily work flows helping them to become more data driven - resulting in more stable, sustainable, planned and productive asset operations.

X-PAS™ will help you to:

  • Translate your data to meaningful, insights, quickly and accurately without data science expertise
  • Guide and better inform decision making and focus on what really matters
  • Empower and upskill cross discipline teams with new capabilities whilst reducing dependencies on specialist knowledge, skills or siloed know how
  • Enable teams to learn and understand even more about their asset operations
  • Unlock team productivity gains by analysing more data in less time
  • Save time by avoiding labour intensive data crunching, looking for problems and managing information overload
  • Realise costs savings on existing technologies and workflows

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