We provide purpose built tech.

We provide solutions dedicated to addressing core industry challenges. Our focus is to help our customers to minimise environmental impact, reduce operational emissions and improve asset reliability.

OPEX Group Operations Team

No two facilities are the same.

All of our solutions are customised to reflect the exact configuration of each customer's facility. We have implemented agile processes which allow us to deploy solutions and deliver benefits within weeks.

We recognise there is an art to delivering tangible business results in this specialised field, with many companies creating, training and maintaining AI models that often don’t meet expectations. For this reason, and as a result of our many years of experience, all of our AI models are created, robustly tested, maintained and fully supported by our in-house data science team.

With fully supported and maintained solutions, our customers benefit from assured accuracy and avoid the costly burden of AI model creation, training and ongoing management.

Managing complex assets can be both involved and time consuming. Our solutions have been designed to simplify complex processes into a single holistic workflow, removing manual tasks and enabling more effective collaboration across customers’ teams.

All of our solutions are cloud based, scalable, secure and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere, with no requirement for installation on our customers’ infrastructure.

Our evolution.

OPEX has continued to evolve to a leading provider of digital solutions and we are now part of the ERM Group.

Our heritage