We know how to make AI work for complex assets.

We have over 6 years of field experience in applying and operating AI solutions for a number of progressive international and national oil, gas and energy companies.

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We've learned what works and importantly what doesn't work.

Our track record has been established by delivering predictive analytics using our own in-house technologies as a managed service across multiple assets, providing continuous insights as a remote extension of customer’s teams.

Encoded, domain expertise.

Through our unique exposure to multiple customers and assets, we have gained unrivaled knowledge of the practical application of AI in the oil, gas and energy sector, encoding all of our expertise, lessons learned and cross industry lateral learning into our applications and pre-built modules.

Our recently launched purpose-built products have been perfected through their use 24x7x365 to deliver business results on real customer challenges. Our heritage underpins our confidence that we know how to make AI work and how to overcome the intricacies of major, complex operations in our target industries where no two assets are the same.

Our evolution.

OPEX has continued to evolve from a predictive maintenance services firm to a leading provider of AI solutions.

Our heritage

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