Bespoke data science solutions

Problem solving is at the heart of our business. Our technically curious data scientists, analysts and engineers thrive on helping our customers find new solutions to their business challenges by revealing meaningful information and opportunities hidden in their data. ‍

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A data-driven approach

Data science has the potential to uncover solutions to problems quicker and more effectively than ever before. We help our customers to take a data-driven approach to solving some of the most challenging problems facing the oil and gas industry today. Our team has the experience and capability to turn mountains of data into business solutions.

Through the use of data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and engineering expertise we can help to reveal new information, gain a deeper understanding of issues and seek out answers to problems.

Types of challenges we can help to tackle

We have an established track record of helping customers to address a range of operational and compliance challenges.

Process/Plant Optimisation - use your data to gain a detailed understanding of system performance and drive significant improvements in production. Optimisation areas covered include gas compressors, gas lift, water injection, pump configuration, well/choke/slugging, NGL management and dew point management.

Maintenance Optimisation – leveraging multiple data sources, bespoke models can be created that provide a continuous evaluation of the health, condition, efficiency and future levels or operational risk on asset plant and equipment. Maintenance activities can be anticipated and prioritised dynamically, enabling asset teams to forge a path to predictive maintenance, with the right maintenance activities being carried out at the right time.

Behavioural Safety – using data science, predictive technologies and behavioural psychology to predict and prevent HSE incidents. Make more informed HSE decisions, quantify the exposure to behavioural risk across work teams and prioritise targeted, focused activities on the right areas.

Asset Diligence – understand the effectiveness of existing maintenance regimes, quantify the current health/risk for your asset; reveal opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

System Start-Up - using data to reveal new insights and identify optimum start-up sequencing to limit start-up attempts, avoid maintenance costs and increase system uptime.

Oil in Water – reveal the key factors that are contributing to good and bad oil in water, anticipate and predict when bad oil in water may occur and identify specific actions that can minimise your environmental impact.

FPSO Turret Bearing Condition - deploying advanced machine learning algorithms to identify bearing wear patterns and advanced statistical models to predict bearing degradation.

Crew Performance - using data science and comparative analytics to reveal detailed operational insights on crew performance and identify the steps that can be taken to realise material gains across an asset.

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