AI for Emissions Reduction

In a fast-changing landscape, emissions reduction is now a key and urgent priority for oil, gas and energy companies. Reducing emissions through operational improvement offers the quickest and lowest cost pathway to decarbonise operations and minimise environmental impact.


Operate your assets with the lowest achievable emissions.

emissions.AI is a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) solution for complex assets to monitor, reduce and control operational emissions, optimise energy use, and minimise environmental impact.

emissions.AI will help your asset teams to:

Monitor Emissions wirh emissions.AI

Monitor Emissions​​

Measure, monitor and visualise comprehensive emissions data down to individual source or emitter

Predict Emissions with emissions.AI

Predict Emissions​​

Automatically calculate the lowest achievable emissions (each minute) for any operating mode, configuration or constraint

Reduce Control and Optimise with emissions.AI

Reduce, Control & Optimise​​

Auto-detect and discover excess emissions as they occur in real time, pinpoint causes and take action to reduce emissions and dynamically control and optimise energy use

Demonstrate Compliance with emissions.AI

Demonstrate Compliance​​

Establish workflows to manage emissions, demonstrate regulatory compliance, achieve stakeholder targets and drive cultural change

Real Time Monitoring with emissions.AI

Real Time Reporting​​

Save time and supercharge team productivity with automated analysis, reporting calculations and forecasting capabilities

Reduce Carbon Costs with emissions.AI

Reduce Carbon Costs​​

Reduce carbon (ETS), energy and fuel costs (without CAPEX modifications) while maintaining output targets

Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy consumption and optimise energy efficiency, start-ups and process systems

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Flaring & Venting

Reduce and minimise excess emissions from flaring and venting

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Quantify, understand and reduce methane emissions.

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Oil in Water Tool

Optimise asset operations to reduce the levels of oil in produced water.

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We make AI work for complex assets

We have over 6 years of field experience in applying and operating AI solutions for a number of oil, gas and energy companies.

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