Unlock carbon emissions savings as part of daily operations.

With emissions.AI you can unlock emissions saving opportunities and empower your operations teams to contribute to decarbonisation goals.


Optimise your assets for lower carbon emissions.

emissions.AI is a cloud-based artificial intelligence solution to help companies optimise complex industrial facilities for lower carbon emissions.

emissions.AI helps customers to operate their assets with:

Lower energy use
Lower energy use
Lower emissions
Lower costs
Lower costs

emissions.AI helps to embed actionable emissions intelligence into daily operations.

Automate Data Analysis with emissions.AI


Automate data analysis, eliminate complex calculations and underpin reporting with less effort.

Monitor Emissions wirh emissions.AI


Monitor live energy use and emissions at process and equipment levels to drive faster, better informed decisions.

Optimise oil and gas plant


Know when and where to optimise processes / plant and reduce energy / fuel consumption for lower emissions.

Identify Compliance with emissions.AI


Embed accurate, robust and actionable emissions data and intelligence into existing workflows and processes.

Share emissions data with emissions.AI


Share robust emissions analytics across your organisation to embed a culture of carbon awareness.

Reduce Carbon Costs with emissions.AI


Manage operational emissions and consider carbon as an integral part of daily operations.

Energy Efficiency

Manage and optimise fuel use and energy consumption from the plant, process systems and start-ups.

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Flaring & Venting

Monitor and minimise emissions from flaring and venting processes, automatically categorise events and increase gas recovery.

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Quantify methane emissions from processes and plant to include local vents, fugitives and combustion.

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Oil in Water Tool

Track and improve oil in produced water performance and anticipate levels of discharge according to plant operating conditions.

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We make AI work for complex assets

We have over 6 years of field experience in applying and operating AI solutions for a number of oil, gas and energy companies.

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