The way carbon intensive facilities are operated can affect operational emissions and costs by up to 7.5% every year.

When it comes to unlocking this prize, companies face similar challenges - opportunities are often hidden and they cannot readily be seen, quantified, or validated. This is often because:

  • they do not have access to robust insights and intelligence
  • they lack granular emissions data, at process and equipment level
  • their data is not easily accessible at regular intervals
  • they are limited by existing tools and techniques
emission.AI is a digital solution that helps carbon intensive companies to overcome these challenges, decarbonise their operations and reduce emissions, energy and fuel costs.

It contextualises operational emissions and leverages engineering first principles, analytics and AI to identify hidden operational inefficiencies, improvements and opportunities to lower emissions and costs.

A solution to help you decarbonise operations.

Understand for website
UNDERSTAND and minimise emissions from operations
Reduce for website
REDUCE operational inefficiencies and losses
Optimise for website
OPTIMISE energy use and power consumption
Save for website
SAVE on energy, fuel and carbon costs

emissions.AI offers features and benefits across the life of your emissions reduction journey:

Automate Data Analysis with emissions.AI


Spend less time and effort on calculations, data analysis and accuracy validation

Monitor Emissions with emissions.AI


Understand energy use, emissions and costs at facility, process and equipment levels

Identify hidden opportunities with emissions.AI


Identify hidden operational inefficiencies, improvements and prioritise reduction opportunities

Identify insights with emissions.AI


Know where to focus, better inform strategic and operational decisions and actions

Share emissions data with emissions.AI


Share granular data and best practice across crews / facilities and embed a culture of carbon awareness

Fast track decarbonisation with emissions.AI


Replicate early success and scale across the enterprise to fast-track decarbonisation journey

A progressive solution

emissions.AI is a versatile and progressive solution which can be aligned to your decarbonisation journey. There are 3 solutions layers with customisable analysis intervals, which means emissions.AI can be tailored to match each stage of your decarbonisation journey.

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Data Analytics

Provides validation of the opportunity prize and executive level insights

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AI for Optimisation

Provides contextualised emissions monitoring and insights to inform the optimisation of process and plant

Cog Transparant

AI for Reliability

Provides holistic surveillance across the facility and automatically detects and contextualises anomalies and threats to stable operations