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The X-PAS™ Safety service helps customers to:

predict, understand and prevent HSE incidents
quantify and understand exposure to behavioural risk
prioritise targeted activities and remedial actions

Predictive analysis of HSE data and human behaviours to improve offshore safety

X-PAS™ Safety is a predictive analysis service, designed by leading psychologists and data scientists, that offers an innovative new approach to help operating companies prevent Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) incidents.

According to leading experts, up to 80% of all HSE incidents in the oil and gas sector are caused by human behaviours and crucial warning signs of future incidents are often hidden inside an organisation’s existing data.

Standard techniques and tools currently in use across the industry often overlook the impact of human behaviours, and crucial information and patterns remain hidden within an organisation's data.

By leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, the X-PAS™ Safety service uncovers previously hidden patterns and relationships within data revealing the interplay between contributing factors and the causes of HSE incidents which are specific to an organisation or asset.

By adopting a data driven approach to understanding HSE incidents and the interaction of human behaviours, organisations can now make more informed HSE decisions and proactively target remedial actions in order to prevent future occurrences.

How does it add value?

X-PAS™ Safety allows you to:

  • predict the likelihood of future HSE incidents
  • reveal underlying contributing factors and causes
  • quantify the levels of behavioural risk across offshore assets and work teams
  • increase capability to anticipate, predict and proactively manage the risks posed by human behaviours
  • target your resources and focus in the right areas
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