X-PAS™ Maintenance

X-PAS™ Maintenance is an extension to the X-PAS™ Operations service which leverages data science and predictive tech to help customers shift to a predictive maintenance regime.

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The X-PAS™ Maintenance service helps to:

Reduce planned maintenance and vendor costs
Reduce activity, logistics and workforce accommodation
Manage risk profiles

The right maintenance, at the right time.

X-PAS™ Maintenance is a predictive maintenance service which helps oil and gas operators to optimise their maintenance regime, reduce maintenance activity/costs, increase productivity and free up workplace resources and accommodation.

How does it work?

The service leverages multiple existing data sources, data science and predictive technologies to enable technically and commercially based justification to defer or remove unnecessary maintenance interventions.

Through continuous evaluation of health, condition, efficiency and future levels of operational risk of asset plant and equipment, maintenance activities can be predicted and prioritised on a dynamic basis, enabling assets to carry out the right maintenance, at the right time.

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