X-PAS™ Emissions

An emissions reduction solution that delivers immediate impact. Using data science and predictive technology to reduce CO₂ intensity and emissions from oil and gas operations.

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The X-PAS™ Emissions service helps you to understand:

What are my emissions right now?
What is the lowest achievable emissions intensity?
What actions should we take to achieve this?

Insight-fuelled daily actions to reduce emissions

X-PAS™ Emissions is a new emissions reduction service that reveals the dynamic energy use and emission intensity of assets in a visual way that is easy to comprehend by everyone, not just engineers.

Powered by OPEX’s predictive technology, X-PAS™ Emissions goes beyond traditional business information dashboards and power calculations.

The right action at the right time

In addition to clearly presenting the current emissions profile on your asset, the service draws on AI, simulation and data science technologies to dynamically calculate the lowest achievable emissions intensity for a given production target. This is based on operational data, plant configurations, installed capacity, current performance and operating modes.

Contextualised insights are presented dynamically to aid decision-making and drive daily operational actions to improve energy management and reduce emissions.

The X-PAS™ Emissions service is targeting a 10-15% reduction in annual CO₂ tonnage.
A 10% saving across the UKCS would equate to 1.46 million tonnes per year which is the equivalent of taking 280,000 cars off the road or planting 24 millions trees

How does it add value?

X-PAS™ Emissions allows you to:

  • continuously identify opportunities to reduce CO₂ emissions (Scope 1)
  • know what can be achieved and the actions to take
  • deliver ROI against the costs of EU ETS, additional gas export revenues/fuel import costs
  • optimise and minimise flaring and venting
  • drive cultural change and awareness
  • demonstrate the application of Best Available Technique (BAT)
  • form an underpinning element of ISO 50001 compliance and asset stewardship
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