Digital Oil Rig OPEX Group

OPEX has continued to evolve into a leading provider of digital solutions.


OPEX Group founded​​

Company launched to provide a range of predictive maintenance services for the oil and gas industry.


R&D into the field of predictive analytics​​

Field trial of X-PAS™ underway with Nexen covering gas compression on Buzzard, the largest offshore asset in the UKCS.


X-PAS™ field trials successful​​

Field trials prove successful in reducing system trips and improving reliability. Scope broadened to include additional critical production systems.


X-PAS™ service launched commercially​​

X-PAS™ implemented as a service across new customers/assets. The company begins automation of X-PAS™ and the creation of data science tools.


Continued investment in team and cloud infrastructure​​

Technology development continues aimed at productising the X-PAS™ service and encoding lessons and lateral learning gained during continuous field experience.


Emissions reduction field trials begin​​

Further investment in AI development to create emissions reduction application. X-PAS™ continues to roll out to further assets and becomes an integral part of customers' daily operations.


OPEX enters new sectors and launches new AI tools​​

Emissions reduction AI product launches with energy efficiency module. OPEX enters midstream and launches a range of new AI tools.


AI product roll outs continue​​

X-PAS™ relaunched as AI-driven product with pre-built modules. emissions.AI extended to cover flaring and venting. OPEX broadens growth strategy to downstream, petrochemical and renewables.


OPEX is acquired by ERM​​

OPEX acquired by ERM – the largest global pure play sustainability consultancy.

Digital solutions for carbon intensive industries.

We have over 7 years of field experience in applying digital solutions to complex challenges for customers in carbon intensive industries.

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