After a successful trial of emissions.AI, we are delighted to welcome Serica Energy as a new customer.

The Energy Efficiency module within emissions.AI has been customised and configured for Serica’s Bruce platform, which is located 340km to the Northeast of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Serica’s asset teams now have access to real time emissions intelligence to aid decision making and identify ongoing emissions reduction opportunities.

Serica is committed to not only exceeding compliance requirements but also to demonstrating tangible improvements in environmental performance year on year. We look forward to supporting them in this ambition and helping them to measure, monitor and track performance.

Clara Altobell, VP ESG and Business Innovation for Serica Energy commented that;

“emissions.AI has been integrated into our daily and weekly workflows, presenting opportunities for our teams to take action to reduce our operational emissions.”

Find out more about emissions.AI here.

emissions.AI rolled out to Serica's Bruce platform to reduce emissions