OPEX Group AI solutions for oil, gas and energy

Our CEO, Jamie Bennett, took part in an Innovation Leaders interview with Axora where he discussed the dual challenge of maximising production whilst minimising emissions.

The interview accompanies a recently published report that explores how other industries are using an array of ultra-smart technologies to reshape their operations, cut costs and revolutionise their business models.

During the interview, Jamie highlighted some of the key challenges on the road to digital transformation in oil and gas and how technology holds the key to unlocking new efficiencies.

“Oil and Gas has always been a showcase for new technology and innovation. It’s an industry with a history of overcoming the seemingly-impossible – putting jackets into the world’s harshest environments, drilling miles into the ocean bed to extract volatile substances – and we should view ourselves as technological pioneers. The challenge now is to mirror this in the digital space – something we’ve been slower to adapt than perhaps the industry as a whole anticipated."

Jamie also discussed the importance of ensuring that digital solutions are developed specifically for the oil and gas industry, as generic solutions that work elsewhere rarely take into account the nuances of oil and gas operations.

“For us to unlock the true potential of digital tech, solutions need to be built by data scientists and technology developers working side by side with oil and gas domain experts who understand the intricacies of our industry.”

You can read the report and full interview on Axora's website - here.