In 2018 X-PAS was used to support a number of customer specific energy efficiency challenges. This inspired us to invest in the creation of a new software application focused specifically on emissions reduction for complex assets. We consulted extensively with industry and carried out a number of live trials, and at the end of 2020 our AI-driven emissions reduction solution for the oil, gas and energy industries was launched.

Initially delivered under the X-PAS Emissions brand we have now relaunched with a brand name that sums up the solution perfectly – emissions.AI. Existing customers will begin to see the brand rolled out to their online user portals over the coming weeks.

We’re proud of the journey we’ve been on in this highly specialised field and the potential emissions.AI offers our customers to help them monitor, reduce and control operational emissions and associated costs.

emissions.AI has two pre-built modules covering Energy Efficiency and Flaring & Venting together with a tool which focuses on Oil in Water. Our road map includes a Methane module that will help customers to quantify, understand and reduce primary fugitive sources of methane.

Emissions AI card 2