We are pleased to announce the roll out of emissions.AI and X-PAS software solutions for a global energy company across all of their European sites.

With the core objectives of maximising the reliability of their assets and minimising emissions, the company’s operations and environmental teams will have access to a range of modules, software tools and applications to help them apply AI and machine learning to their asset data.

Euan Bathgate, Chief Product Officer at OPEX, commented;

“By rolling out both X-PAS and emissions.AI together, our customer will have the capability at their fingertips to predict and prevent system trips whilst also monitoring and optimising their emissions in real time. And importantly they will be able to identify in the moment opportunities to reduce emissions without restricting production.

“By taking out trips and operating assets at the optimal efficiency, asset owners can make a significant impact on emissions and reduce maintenance, repair and carbon-related costs.”

X PAS Data Analysis