Earth Day

Did you know that the Paris Agreement was signed on this day (22nd April) 5 years ago? On this earth day, we invite you to think about the progress that has been made in the last five years, and what we all still have to learn and to change.

On Tuesday, the UK government announced a world-leading commitment to cut emissions by 78% by 2035, and today the UK Prime Minister will open the Climate Leaders’ summit, warning we have to turn the tide on climate change.

Meeting those targets will require all sorts of change, physical, technological and behavioural.

Looking back over the last five years has seen a remarkable change for OPEX. We have developed and implemented our emissions reduction solution, emissions.AI, and can now see how effective it can be at turning the tide on CO₂ emissions, not in the distant future but right here and now.

Yes in the last five years we have learned and we have changed, but in the immediate future we can do so much more. Working within the energy industry we can provide real time emissions intelligence, deepening understanding of asset emissions and providing solutions to ensure emissions are as low as they can be.

On this earth day, we invite you to pause, consider what it is you need to change to meet those ambitious targets, and most of all what you can do to help turn the tide.