A leading UKCS operator was experiencing reliability issues due to frequent start-up failures on the plant’s water injection pumps. With the aim of maximising the chances of successful future start-ups, an in-depth study was undertaken utilising the X-PAS™ service.

Chris Ayres, Chief Operating Officer at OPEX, explained more about the scope of work and the findings of the study; “In order to help our client address this issue, X-PAS™ modelling and analysis of historical data from each system start attempt over a 2.5-year period was undertaken to establish relationships within the data and uncover key operational insights that could have an impact on future success.

“The results of the X-PAS™ analysis highlighted a number of key insights but most telling was a clear correlation between the probability of a start proving successful and the median motor winding temperature as recorded when the attempt was made.  Within certain temperature ranges the probability of a successful start was greater than 75%, whilst at other temperatures the chances dropped to less than 40%.

“By understanding more fully the potential implications of attempting to start the pump at varying temperatures, the client’s operational teams can make informed decisions on whether it is prudent to attempt to start the system under certain conditions.  Limiting the number of start attempts minimises the level of wear the system suffers during the stress of a start-up, helping to reduce maintenance and repair costs.”