Emissions AI Software

A global oil and gas operating company with production assets in the North Sea was seeking a data-driven solution to help manage their operational CO₂ emissions.

A Tailored Solution

emissions.AI was configured and rolled out to 3 of the customer's assets to drive quicker and better informed decisions related to carbon. The setup took 8 weeks and included customisation and configuration of emissions.AI's inbuilt Energy Efficiency module:

  • 61 energy consumers and multiple gas turbines were modelled using a combination of historical datasets, simulation data and engineering first principles
  • Access to an online portal to provide easy access for the customer's teams to emissions data, analysis tools, analytics and reports

Following operational acceptance testing, the solution was rolled out to the onshore asset support teams and the offshore control rooms as part of a streamlined onboarding process.


The Impact


1,504 raw and calculated data points are now continuously analysed allowing up-to-the-minute emissions data, information and intelligence to be shared across the organisation.


Over the first 12 months, the customer identified day-to-day CO₂ emissions optimisation opportunities equating to 1.94% of total emissions from combustion across the 3 assets.


The customer estimated savings of 7,000 tonnes of CO₂ over 12 months.

With actionable emissions intelligence integrated into their existing workflows, the company has embedded a culture of GHG emissions reduction at an operational level across their assets.