Emissions AI on screen 3

A global energy company with upstream assets in the North Sea wanted to consider carbon in daily operational decisions to operate with lower emissions.

A Tailored Solution

emissions.AI was rolled out to 3 assets with the Energy Efficiency and Flaring & Venting modules. All of the main consumers and generators were modelled, such as turbines, compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, as well as LP and HP flare systems. In total, the scope included 97 pieces of complex plant and equipment.

As part of the setup phase, a huge volume of historic data was used to create a vast library of plant and process states and operating modes to fuel the AI optimisation engine. By continuously comparing real time emissions data from the assets with the lowest achievable emissions target, emissions.AI automatically highlights when and where there may be a more efficient plant or process configuration, so users can take action to save on fuel, power and process emissions.


Analysis from this portfolio of assets shows that:

0.72% - 3.46%

The average annual energy saving identified across the 3 assets ranged from 0.72% to 3.46%.


Average UKETS cost saving opportunity per asset, per year.


Average fuel gas saving opportunity per asset, per year.

The automatic classification of flaring reveals additional opportunities to minimise emissions.

The potential fuel and carbon cost savings provides a return on investment and solution payback in months.