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OPEX Group is a trusted provider of data analytics and predictive technology solutions for the oil, gas and energy industries. Our proven solutions help our customers to make better use of their data so they can achieve cleaner, more efficient and lower cost operations.

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From maintenance and reliability > data science and predictive tech

OPEX originally started out in the oil and gas maintenance and reliability space, but five years ago we recognised an opportunity to offer our customers something new. An exciting new digital solution that would help to make sense of the mountains of data that was being captured from our customers’ offshore assets.

Making a difference

We set out with a clear commitment to make a difference and pulled together a winning team who had the skills and expertise to build a predictive software platform that would meet the specific requirements of oil and gas operating companies. Our grounding in offshore operations made it clear that one size fits all solutions rarely work in this industry, so our cloud-based X-PAS™ platform was built to be highly flexible and to overcome the complexities of oil and gas operations.

Going from strength to strength

Since our X-PAS™ solution was launched in 2015, our brilliant data scientists and software engineers have developed a range of pre-built modular solutions and AI-driven tools that integrate with the platform. Our aim is to help our customers maximise economic recovery whilst minimising the environmental impact of their operations.

The X-PAS™ platform is now available directly to our customers as a software solution or as a service solution with OPEX’s data analysts working as a remote extension of our customer’s asset team.

Award-winning solutions.

The X-PAS™ platform is in daily use across multiple assets and operators. It's tried and tested, and along the way we have picked up a prestigious innovation award from Oil & Gas UK. The solution was also shortlisted for global innovation awards by the Energy Institute and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

The UK offshore oil and gas sector is an industrial success story founded on technological pioneers such as OPEX Group.

Deirdre Michie · CEO Oil & Gas UK
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